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hiPower and HYDROGENOM Announce Exciting Joint Venture: hiPower Europe

We’re delighted to announce a game-changing alliance in the energy sector. Taiwan’s hiPower and Poland’s HYDROGENOM have joined forces, creating a dynamic new company: hiPower Europe. Registered in Poland, this joint venture signifies a strategic move in the global energy landscape.

By bridging Polish and Taiwanese cutting-edge technologies, hiPower Europe is set to revolutionize the hydrogen energy market. Polish expertise in hydrogen charging stations and electrolyzers meets Taiwanese innovation in methanol-powered fuel cells, mobile EV charging stations, and hydrogen purification systems. The combined product portfolio offers diverse solutions to our clients’ energy needs, making hiPower Europe a one-stop-shop for green energy solutions.

More than a business venture, this partnership represents a fusion of knowledge, experience, and technology, creating a robust platform for growth and innovation. The knowledge exchange promises to bolster our research and development capabilities, ensuring continuous innovation for our clients.

For our customers, this joint venture translates to a broader range of products, better customization, and continuous improvements through shared expertise and innovation. It is our commitment to provide cutting-edge, sustainable solutions that are not only good for our clients but also for the planet.

This new chapter for hiPower and HYDROGENOM is a significant step towards a more sustainable future. As we integrate our strengths and embrace the opportunities this venture presents, we look forward to delivering high-quality, innovative solutions to our clients across the globe.